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Нашата препоръка
Новият Атанор. Начала на Философската фантастика, том 1
The treatment of the themes of mortality in the poetry of the Bronte sisters 
Автор: Yana Rowland
Раздел: Литературна критика, литературознание, Езикознание, лингвистика, семиотика, филология
Издателство: Plovdiv University Press
Народност: българска
ISBN: 97895442636924
първо издание, 2006 год.
меки корици, 362 стр.
Цена: 9,00 лв  
Dr Yana Atanasova Rowland (née Buchkova), was born in 1977 and educated at Plovdiv University, Bulgaria. After earning an MA in English & Russian in 2000 (summa cum laude), she proceeded on with a PhD, upon whose completion in 2005 Yana Rowland had her thesis published by Plovdiv University Press under its original title, The Treatment of the Themes of Mortality in the Poetry of the Brontë Sisters, 362 pages (ISBN-10: 954-423-362-8; ISBN-13:978-954-423-362-4, 2006). Dr Rowland has won a range of prestigious scholarships and grants, all geared up towards the completion of this first comprehensive monograph on the Brontë sisters’ poetry in Bulgaria – in fact, one of the few such in a world perspective. Some of the places of international academic recognition of Dr Rowland’s work include: King’s College London (UK), Loughborough University (UK) and The University of St Petersburg, Russia.
The book examines the poetry of the three acclaimed sisters – Emily, Charlotte and Anne, Brontë – as a wholesome literary phenomenon. Outlining the specific treatment of the theme of Death in each sister’s poetic contributions, this academic study argues a common territory of aesthetic and philosophical growth of three unique poets equally zealous in their engagement with matters ontological and ethical. The traditionally accepted Brontë sisters’ prose-fiction performance mars not Dr Rowland’s avid defence of the worth of studying their somewhat neglected poetic potential as indissolubly intertwined with a maintained alertness about the ultimate moment of departure-Becoming, and with Mourning as self-construction in Duty to the Other.
Dr Yana Rowland specializes in 19th-century English literature, as well as in Modern European Ontophilosophy and existential ethics (Heidegger, Levinas, Derrida, Bakhtin). She is a senior lecturer at the English Department of Plovdiv University, Bulgaria, where she teaches English Literature of the Victorian Age. Dr Rowland would welcome research proposals from academics as well as from a wider range of potential readers.
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