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Записки от "прехода", книга 2: 22 октомври 1990 - 22 февруари 1992
История на българското изобразително изкуство
Автор: Кирил Кръстев
Раздел: Изобразително изкуство
Издателство: Лист
Цена: 58,00 лв
Повече за книгата
Politics: A Reader 
Автор: Evgenii Dainov, Petar Sturm Konstantinov
Раздел: Исторически политологични изследвания
Издателство: Нов български университет
Народност: българска
ISBN: 9789545356902
първо издание, 2012 год.
меки корици, 314 стр.
Цена: 35,00 лв  
This Reader aims to reveal the ideals and the principles, on which modern societies are based. These are, of course, political in the sense that they underpin the life of the polis -of that political society, in which people live, communicate and interact as citizens.
Dealing with modern societies, the story here is the story of the West. The West is based on equality and the respect of human rights and civic freedoms. Elsewhere, it is power, traditions or religions that form the basis of human organisation. The Reader traces the evolution of this right from the beginning - from the philosopher Plato - to thinkers still living and thriving, such as Amartya Sen and Francis Fukuyama. Naturally, the Reader also includes the major challenges to the values and principles of the West, as voiced for example by totalitarian and fundamentalist thinkers.
About the authors
Evgenii Dainov was educated at Oxford, graduating with a First Class degree in 1979. Professor of Politics at the New Bulgarian University, he is the author of books on politics, society and culture, as well as contributing to collections, such as: W. Kostecki et al. (eds) Transformations in Post-Communist States. Macmillan Press Ltd 2000; The Reunification of Europe. Anti-totalitarian courage and political renewal European Parliament 2009; Musterd S., Murie A. (eds) Making Competitive Cities. Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell 2010. A civic activist and founding member of the Greens Party, Professor Dainov is also a professional musician, composing music and playing in rock groups.

Petar Sturm Konstantinov is currently studying Political Science in New Bulgarian University. He is a regular contributor to the leading Bulgarian liberal right online newspaper "Dnevnik". He has also published in academic journals,
Petar Sturm is also a musician, known lor his acts and shows in the Bulgarian rock scene.
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