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Bulgaria Mediaevalis 2/2011 
Автор: Колектив
Раздел: Българско Средновековие
Издателство: Фондация „Българско историческо наследство”
Народност: българска
ISBN: 13142941
първо издание, 2011 год.
меки корици, 782 стр.
Цена: 60,00 лв  
Прикачен файл:
Studies in honorem of Professor Vassil Gjuzelev

In the light of a proposal on behalf of the Advisory Board members, the present second volume of Bulgaria Mediaevalis celebrates the 75th anniversary of Professor Vassil Gjuzelev, whose major role in the the organization, direction and successful carrying out of the 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies in Sofia, having taken place from 22nd to 27th of August 2011, is not simply undisputable, but is also hugely acclaimed. Throughout his over half a century-long outstanding academic and scientific activity he implemented useful and prolific work consecrated to the advancement of the Byzantine Studies on both domestic and international soil. The number of the events and initiatives which he has inspired and arranged is difficult to measure. A series of periodides and symposia have been issued thanks to his efforts or under his guidance in the proceedings. His erudition, rigorous scholarship and devotion to Medieval Studies together with his never-ending willingness to assists others in their research have marked his entire professional life making him an inspiration to several generations of historians.
The invitation of writing papers in Professor Vassil Gjuzelev's honour has been responded to by 50 byzantinists and medievalists from 13 countries (including Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA). Their scientific contributions, covering a broad range of topics, have been grouped into two principal sections - Fontes and Studia. It is with great delight to be announced that in their vast majority, they correspond with the subject areas relevant to the honorees research fields of study.

List of abbreviations IX
Editorial note XV
Johannes Koder
Uberlegungen zur landlichen Siedlungsterminologie der Byzantiner,
insbesondere zu chorion, kome und verwandten Termini
Erich Trapp
Gold und Silber. Parallelen im griechischen Wortschatz, eine vergleichende
Salvatore Cosentino
Sul transito dei soldati (in merito a lust. Nov. CXXX)
Angel Nikolov
Khan Krum in the Byzantine tradition: terrible rumours, misinformation
and political propaganda
Mission miscarried: the narrators of the ninth-century missions to Scandinavia
and Central Europe
Sergei Mariev
Echi delle teorie ottiche antiche nelle Omelie di Fozio
Werner Seibt
Drei problematische Siegel mit Bulgarien-Bezug Иван Йорданов
Печати на Симеон, василевс на ромеите (?-927)
Peter Frankopan
1 lth-century military seals from Bulgaria: some suggestions
Alexandra Wassiliou-Seibt
Die Neffen des Patriarchen Michael I. Kerullarios (1043-1058) und ihre
Siegel. Ikonographie als Ausdrucksmittel der Verwandtschaft
Raimondo Tocci
Zur Uberlieferung der sogenannten Epitome des Ioannes Kinnamos
Kiril Nenov
The Black Sea region according to an anonymous Pisan geography
Силвия Аризанова
Венециански и генуезки документи като извор за облеклото на българите
през ХIII-ХIVв.
Frederick Lauritzen
Bessarion's political thought: the Encomium to Trebizond
Andreas Rhoby
Zu den Inschriften aufden byzantinischen uhd postbyzantinischen Ikonen
von Nesebar
Peter Schreiner
Nugae byzantino-bulgaricae
Antonio Rigo
Marco Eugenico autore е lettore di opere spirituali
Andreas Kulzer
«... la citi de Visoi qui moult estoit bone et fort». Zur Geschichte der
ostthrakischen Stadt Vize/Bizye in byzantinischer Zeit
Peter Soustal
Melenikitsion, das Heine Melnik bei Serres
Laura Balletto
Con una navis genovese da CafFa a Pera е a Chio nel 1472
Владимир Ангелов
Сведения за Венеция и Генуа в съчинението на Лаоник Халкокондил
Snezhana Rakova
Constantinople et ses lieux sacres au debut du 16e siecle (vus par les Venitiens)
Пенка Данова
„За България и нейните владетели" (1623 г.) на Джовани Николо
Дольони Василка Тъпкова-Заимова-Маргарет Димитрова
Свети-Димитровски текст, намерен в Бачковския манастир
Herwig Wolfram
Wie viele Volker sind in einem Volk?
Daniel Ziemann
Between authoritarianism and consensus: domination and the role of nobility
in the First Bulgarian realm (7th-late 9th century)
Panos Sophoulis
Containing the Bulgar threat: Byzantium's search for an ally in the former Avar
territories in the Early Middle Ages
Petar Angelov
The Man of the West through the eyes of medieval BulgariansМирослав Й. Лешка
Политиката на княз Симеон спрямо ограбването на Солун от арабите
през 904 г.
Милиянл Каймакамова
Константин Преславски и българската историческа култура в края на
IX-началото на X в.
Kiryl Marinow
Hemos comme barriere militaire. L'analyse des ecrits historiques de Leon le
Diacre et de Jean Skylitzes au sujet de la campagne de guerre des empereurs
byzantins Nicephore II Phocas en 967 et de Jean I Tzymisces en 971
Sashka Georgieva
The first Hungarian princess in mediaeval Bulgaria
Paul Meinrad Strassle
Kriegfuhrung und Raum in Byzanz: Strategie und Taktik bei Kleidion 1014
Eric Limousin
Michel Psellos et la Bulgarie Илия Илиев
Един епизод от догматичните спорове между църквите на
Константинопол и Рим
Jonathan Shepard
Byzantine emperors, imperial ideology and the fact of Bulgaria
Lyuba Ilieva
Bulgarian contribution to the economics and culture of the Byzantine Empire.
Bulgarian territories in the end of 11 th-12th centuries
Ovidiu Cristea
Une «blague sicilienne»: Suprematie maritime et prestige dans la
Mediterrane'e au Xlle siecle
Sandra Origone
Travels from Peloponnesus to the Black Sea
Francesco Dall'Aglio
Shifting capitals and shifting identities: Pliska, Preslav, Tarnovo and the
self-perception of a medieval nation
Ian S. R. Mladjov
The Bulgarian prince and would-be emperor Lodovico
Красимир Кръстев
Дипломатически отношения между Българското царство и Египет
през XIV .
Crusade, hybridity, and self-identity: Leontios Makhairas and the feudal
order of late medieval Cyprus
Dimitar V. Dimitrov
The everyday life of a western European noble on the Bulgarian Black Sea
coast: the case of the Green Count
Ekaterini Mitsiou
The monastery of Sosandra: a contribution to its history, dedication and
localisation Elena Kostova
Constantine Dragas" and his principality. According to unpublished source
material from the archives of the Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos
Cyril Pavlikianov
The Athonite Slav Eusebios and his enigmatic noble ancestors
Dan Ioan Muresan
Zographou et la transmission de l'idee imperiale bulgare en Moldavie
Mihailo St. Popovic:
New insights into the history of Balkan fairs in the historical region of
Macedonia (13th-19th centuries)
Publications of Vassil Gjuzelev: addenda (2006-2011) (G. N. Nikolov)
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