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Communism versus Democracy - Bulgaria 1944 to 1997 
Автор: Нася Кралевска \ Nassya Kralevska
Раздел: Българска съвременна история, Българска история на чужди езици
Издателство: The American Research Center in Sofia
Народност: българска
ISBN: 9789549257113
първо издание, 2010 год.
твърди корици, 432 стр.
Цена: 40,00 лв  
Прикачен файл:

... Communism versus Democracy illustrates with brilliant clarity that communist rhetoric about the good of mankind only meant “the masses” as an impersonal abstraction, while in fact the communists preached and practiced profound disregard for the individual.... Those who wish to know about the Cold War, Eastern Europe, and Bulgaria in the second half of the 20ft century will profit enormously from reading this book.

Prof. KEVIN CLINTON, Cornell University
President and Co-founder, American Research Center in Sofia (ARCS)

... Balancing an amazingly rich array of sources - archival documents, history books, newspaper publications, eyewitness evidence, personal diaries, confessions and interviews - Nassya Kralevska- Owens' monograph offers the reader what no textbook can achieve: empathy with every event described. A goldmine for the historian of Eastern Europe, Communism versus Democracy will also be of substantial interest to anyone who wishes to learn what went on behind the Iron Curtain, both in its factual and human dimensions...

Dr. NORA DIMITROVA, Co-founder and Trustee, ARCS

This is an original and compelling study of communism and especially the formative years of post¬communism in Bulgaria.... Perhaps the most original argument in the book is the similarly powerful impact of external actors and precedents on the transitions to both communism and post-communism.

Prof. VALERIE JANE BUNCE, Cornell University, Department of Government

Communism versus Democracy is written with great vigor and sparkle, and the author's presentation is strongly convincing. Events, people, politicians, and eyewitnesses are vividly described.... The author makes an impressive contribution to the search for historical truth. Her passionate and powerful writing grips the reader to the last page....

Dr. HEINZ BRAHM, former Research Director of the Federal Institute of Eastern European and International Studies, Cologne, Germany

This book demonstrates that Bulgaria, a European country, which is generally ignored and frequently misunderstood, has finally found its masterful chronicler.... Nassya Kralevska-Owens has undoubtedly set the standard against which future attempts to retell the story of Bulgaria's metamorphoses after 1989 will be measured.

Prof. VENELIN I. GANEV, Miami University, author of Preying on the State: The Transformation of Bulgaria after 1989

Communism versus Democracy: Bulgaria 1944 to 1997, by the renowned Bulgarian journalist Nassya Kralevska-Owens, is the most unique and authoritative documentary about two revolutionary decades in the country's history: the establishment of the communist regime in the 1940s and the struggling democratic movement of the 1990s. Well-reasoned and masterfully written, it is an important case study about communism, post-communism, and democratization in contemporary Bulgaria.

PETER STOYANOV, President of the Republic of Bulgaria, 1997-2002
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