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Ivo Dimchev - Stage Works 2002 - 2016 
Автор: Иво Димчев | Ivo Dimchev
Раздел: Изобразително изкуство, Изкуство - други, Фотография
Издателство: Humatrs Foundation
Народност: българска
ISBN: 9786197310009
първо издание, 2016 год.
твърди корици, 445 стр.
Цена: 45,00 лв  
Прикачен файл:
- I didn’t like the fact that all the texts from my shows would simply disappear because almost all of them have never been written down, neither digitally, nor on paper and that would be just sad.
- I don’t like the fact that people can see images from my work ONLY on the internet and on computer screens. That would be also very sad.
- I was wondering if my shows would make any sense after being transposed to a very limited format of letters and pictures printed on paper.. . I really had to check this out.
-I was wondering if the texts from my shows would probably look more valuable just because they appear in a book... I hope they do.
- I was wondering if this book can really represent my work since my work is extremely vocal and a book is normally a very silent object.
-I was wondering if a book like this can carry at ldast 10% of the intensity of a live show....mmm..:.sure not.
-I was wondering if making a book like this is a bit too egocentric and, if that is true, is this only my problem or it is going to be a problem for the book as well. .
-I was wondering if having a book like this would make me look more serious as an artist... I hope so.
- When someone who has never seen a show of mine receives this book as a present, I am pondering if the book is go¬ing to provoke some emotions in them or make them go and see a show of mine or at least check me out on youtube;.. Hopefully yes.
- I have the feeling that the book wraps up a very important period of my artistic life and probably signifies the end of this period.
- I have the feeling that after this book, my new shows will be very different... or may be this is a stupid illusion.... We will see.
- I always have the unpleasant feeling that my work is not contemporary enough. I feel helpless trying to change that. For example I like good singing, I like good acting, I like intensity, I like real blood, I like poetry... You can not be really Contemporary if you like those things, right? I don’t know why I’m saying this... It has nothing to do with the book or may be it does... Whatever...
- I hope that with this document I will pay enough respect to all these shows and texts and people who have been involved in their creation.
- I hope this book gives a bit more courage to younger artists... Especially in Bulgaria.
,71 m quite deconstructive by nature.... So I’m very thankful that life gives me the Opportunity to explore those tendencies in a creative Way and in the field of culture and NOT somewhere else.
- I was planning a book of only about 200 pages; I don’t know what happened... I’m sorry if it is a bit too heavy.

Ivo Dimchev
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