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Тайният код на българските дюлгери
За официалния език на Република Северна Македония
British & American Mass Media 
Автор: Колектив
Раздел: Медии и комуникации
Издателство: Полис | Polis Publishers
Народност: българска
Преводач: Мадлен Василева
първо издание, 2000 год.
меки корици, 127 стр.
Цена: 5,60 лв  
Edited by Madeleine Vassileva
British and American Mass Media discusses some of the most important questions in the development of the mass media in Britain and the USA. The historical development of the press and the electronic mass media in the two cultural contexts is viewed as a part of such hot issues in mass media studies today as the different approaches used in the two countries to the study of the media, the role of private and public media, the media regulating institutions and censorship, the editorial values and standards, the relationship between media and democracy and the emergence of a new mode of information. A special attention is paid to the BBC as one of the best examples of a public media institution. The book gives some most recent data for the development of the media in the USA, discussing the problem of the big monopolies and globalization as well as the freedom of speech and the impact of the electronic media on politics.
British and American Mass Media will be of interest to students, researchers and journalists who are willing to learn more about the mass media in the UK and the USA and are looking for useful models for the promotion of the role of the media in Bulgaria. The contributors have been part of the project for developing Mass Media Studies at the Department of English and American Studies at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridsky".
"No longer will media analysts, well-known or . obscure, keep on repeating that s how things are in the USA..., or that s how things are in Britain... without referring to this wonderful collection of essays which gives the reader an accurate and well-researched picture of the media situation in these two leading countries in mass communications. In a surprisingly little volume, British and American Mass Media makes the public familiar with a wide range of facts from the past and the present. A timely book, extraordinarily interesting and engaging both for the students and the media professionals." - Vesselin Dimitrov, Dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Sofia University.
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