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Фани Попова-Мутафова. Житие и страдание
Един софийски малчуган разказва
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Dyadovo, vol. 2: The Sanctuary of the Thracian horseman and The Early Byzantine fortress 
Автор: Boris Borisov
Раздел: Българска история на чужди езици, Археология
Издателство: Национален археологически институт и музей - БАН
Народност: българска
Преводач: Nikolina Encheva
ISBN: 9789541502174
първо издание, 2010 год.
твърди корици, 240 стр.
Цена: 15,00 лв  
I am grateful to be a representative of the Tokai University Thracian Expedition in which the Final Report of Dyadovo Excavations Vol. 2 will be published this time. Twenty years have already passed by since the first report, Dyadovo Vol. 1, was published in 1989, which dealt with the Medieval Settlement and Necropolis found on the Dyadovo Tell. First, I would show my great respect to the Associate Professor Boris Borisov who managed the publication with steady and energetic efforts in the difficult social and economic situation in the past 20 years.
Volume 2 deals with a Thracian sanctuary and an Early Byzantine fortress found on the Tell dated from 2nd century to 6th century. I hope that many new data given through the full and intimate archaeological analysis of the Dyadovo Tell, situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria, would be greatly exploited as a basic material for studying the history of the concerned period and place.
The Dyadovo Tell, which is one of the largest settlement mounds in Southeastern Europe, first had its trial digging in 1977-1978. Since then, the Bulgarian and the Dutch archaeological teams continued the excavations there, and the Japanese team from Tokai University participated in them in 1984 under a memorandum concluded between the Institute of Thracology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the Tokai University. Fortunately, I had the excellent opportunity to attend the Japanese team in 1985, and then, almost a quarter of a century has passed as of2010.
The Dyadovo project, including excavating, scientific analyzing, dating, studying and the publishing works towards the Final Reports, and several activities for the conservation of heritage and educational familiarization are now in progress with the Bulgarian colleagues of the National Archaeological Institute and Museum and Nova Zagora Museum of History. If the project could make a more exciting progress, and the results could be contributed broadly to the progress of the researches in history, archaeology and scientific studies on cultural properties in the world, it would be my greatest pleasure and honor as one of participants to the Dyadovo project.
Hitoshi KAMURO
Professor of the Tokai University,
Director of the Tokai University
Thracian Expedition

The publishing of the second ,,Dyadovo" volume ,,The Sanctuary of The Thracian Horseman. The Early Byzantine fortress ,,coincides with a significant anniversary. On 1.12.1984 Tokai University signed a memorandum with the Institute of Thracology to include a Japanese team in the investigations of Dyadovo Tell, Nova Zagora district - one of the biggest tells in south-eastern Europe. The tell has been investigated since 1977 by a joint Bulgarian-Dutch team under the scientific guidance of the Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, as a part of the project ,,Ethnogenesis of the Thracians". Together with the prehistorical strata, the tell was an important settlement centre in the Late Antiquity and the Medieval Age.
For a time span of 25 years, the Bulgarian-Japanese scientific cooperation in the investigation of the Thracian Antiquity and the Bronze Age strata has been developing successfully. In the vicissitude times of the contemporary Bulgarian history, the specialists team from Tokai University, the National Archaeological Institute with Museum, and the Historical Museum of Nova Zagora have survived and together have overcome the difficulties and the shortage of finances, trying by practical examples to trace out the way to improve the existing inefficient system of preservation and managing the archaeological reserves.
The support of our Japanese colleagues and of Japan for Bulgaria is of extreme importance. The Japanese financial support made it possible to start the ,,Dyadovo" series, where the multi-strata history of this significant site, stratified for 8000 years - from the Prehistory to the Medieval Age, should be fully published.
,,Dyadovo", Volume 2, comprises the results from the investigations of the Sanctuary of The Thracian Horseman and the Early Byzantine fortress, situated on the tell, realized till 1985 by associate professor Boris Borisov.
For the resources providing of the present publication, we would like to note the special personal contribution of the Japanese team leader professor Hitoshi Kamuro, and to express our deep and sincere gratitude.
Professor Diana Gergova
National Archaeological
Institute with Museum
at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
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