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Фани Попова-Мутафова. Житие и страдание
Един софийски малчуган разказва
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Treasures from Greek museum 
Автор: Колектив
Раздел: Археология
Издателство: Национален археологически музей - Атина
Народност: сборник
ISBN: 9789609845199
първо издание, 2013 год.
твърди корици, 220 стр.
Цена: 15,00 лв  
The exhibition of Greek antiquities entitled Leaving a Mark on History: Treasures from Greek Museums, organised t at the Museum of the National Institute of Archaeology at Sofia in Bulgaria, the Numismatic Museum and the Nation Archaeological Museum at Athens of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, aims at introducing the public to tl importance and historical significance of Greek civilisation throughout ages. In total, 195 artifacts will be exhibited, fro Greek museums and Euphrates of antiquities, some of which for the first time outside Greece. These objects, bearers і Creek culture and testimonies of their era, are dated from the Neolithic period to the end of the 19th century, with і emphasis though to the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman times.
Crossing a vast chronological, cultural and historical span, the exhibits reflect major achievements of the Greek intellect focusing on humans as the basis for examining all issues. The items have a dynamic purpose transmitting, millennia
following their creation, a strong message on the function of institutions as well as the course of Greek history.
The adoption of sealing techniques was based on the primal need for personal distinction and led towards the development of transactions and trade activities. Throughout Greek history, the sea has been the decisive factor behind economic political and social establishment; the great route that determined the organised colonisation movements and trade relations. The high point in the political, civic and intellectual progress, the ancient Greek Democracy, unsurprisingly оccurred alongside the development of Greek Education and its humanitarian ideals that are still pursued after in mode
world. The Olympic Games, the foremost sporting event, became a powerful institution and a connecting bond while the necessity of their survival led to their revival in 1896. People and events, rulers and key incidents in ancient Greek history
have been permanently imprinted on contemporary objects, thus recording valuable information otherwise lost. The need to believe in the divine and observe cult rituals throughout times follows the deeply spiritual journey of Hellenism fro the Dodecatheon on Mt Olympus to the monotheist Christianity.
The current exhibition is taking place within the context of cultural contact between the two countries, Greece at Bulgaria. If only similar initiatives would continue on both sides and the tightening of political and economic relations would be complemented by a fruitful exchange of cultural products.
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