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Фани Попова-Мутафова. Житие и страдание
Един софийски малчуган разказва
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History of The Glorious Bulgarians - A Guidebook for Children and Adults 
Автор: Павел Серафимов, Сдружение Азбукари
Раздел: Българска история на чужди езици, История на България от древността до наши дни, Учебна литература, Педагогика
Издателство: Сдружение Азбукари
Народност: българска
ISBN: 06868874351
първо издание, 2019 год.
меки корици, 152 стр.
Цена: 30,00 лв  
Прикачен файл:
History is a beautiful science! It brings us back in time and introduces us to interesting events. With the help of history, we receive a lesson of Patriotism. The heroic deeds and the well-doing of our ancestors are innumerous and it's important to remember them, because they are a part of the heritage which we not only have to cherish but also learn lessons from.

Our duty is not only to preserve the testaments of the Old Bulgarians, but to wash off the lies, that the enemies of the Bulgarians have made up and spread. Certain fallacies still dominate the historical science. Bulgarian history began more than 1300 years ago. In fact, it's several thousand years older. The history of European culture began in the territory of modern Bulgaria. This book contains alternative information that is inaccessible for most of the Bulgarians. The data, presented here is easy to check and it's better to check it. The awaken person searches, explores, investigates. When we find the truth by ourselves no one will be able to deceive us. This book sheds light on some rather controversial questions concerning the truth about Bulgarian history. The new proofs and the genetic researches show that the official theories about the origins of the Bulgarians are not entirely correct. How can we achieve the truth if enormous amount of important discoveries were omitted?

Read, compare, check and most of all - be proud of your origins! Live your life as awaken, honest and good persons, as descendants of nobles. The ancestors of the Bulgarians were noblemen, and this kept them through the centuries. The greatest treasure, that the Bulgarians have are the traditions, the belief in light and the divine as well as the fertility of the Bulgarian lands. We, the patriots, want to revive with this book the successes of the Bulgarian people and to make Bulgarians recount the heroic deeds of their ancestors holding their heads high with belief in their own strength. This reading tells the story of the strength and the glory of the Bulgarians!
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