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Ще произнасям само гласните
Annales Balcanici vol.1: Creation of The Late Antique World in The Balkans 
Автор: Колектив
Раздел: Балканска история, Археология
Издателство: Тендрил / Tendril
Народност: българска
ISBN: 978619914965
първо издание, 2021 год.
твърди корици, 312 стр.
Цена: 78,00 лв  

When Constatinople was consecrated on May 30, 330, the Balkans suddenly became part of the hinterland of the new world capital. The impact on every aspect of the daily life of the local population was tremendous and initiated a series of radical changes. This transformation was combined with the coming of turbulent years and created^e preconditions for the exceptional dynamic in regard with the development of the region during Late Antiquity. The dynamics of this development are revealed by the written sources and the results of archaeological excavations. It could be even stated that the Late Antique studies has recently been given a new impetus in all Balkan countries. Unfortunately, for various reasons, but mainly because of the geographical location of the modern Balkan states, the research has its limitations, including linguistic ones. That is why the Institute of Balkan Studies & Center of Thracology has established a Laboratory for the Study of Late Antique Balkans, which aims to unite the efforts of researchers from all Balkan countries and major research centers of Western Europe and North America in order to encourage the study of the Late Antique Balkans. The coordination of research experience of scholars from different Balkan countries is a necessary condition for the successful completion of this effort. In the process of establishing the Laboratory, we held a number of colloquia and conferences dedicated to various aspects of Late Antiquity the results of which would be published in the newly established Serics Annales Balcanici. The Series will be annual and its purpose is to present the academic results of the various initiatives of the Laboratory.

The current volume is the first one in this Series and contains most of the papers presented at the colloquium The Creation of the Late Antique world in the Balkans, which took place in October 2018 in Sofia.

Ivo Topalilov Zlatomira Gerdzhikova



Introduction Andreas Pülz
Studies in Late Antique Christianity in Southeastern Europe at the Austrian Academy of Sciences - A Short History of Research

Ventzislav Dintchev
Today's Bulgarian Territory in Late Antiquity

Alexander Minchev
Early Christian Architecture In Bulgaria Twenty Years Later: I.
Early Christian Churches And Monsateries Along The Black Sea Coast

Ivo Topalilov
On some issues related to the Christianisation of the topography of Late Antique Philippopolis, Thrace

Misa Rakocija
The Degree of Research of Early Christianity in Nis

Ivan Gargano, Dominic Moreau
Some Remarks on The Christian Topography of Dacia Ripensis
(Second Half of the 5th - 6th Century)

Haluk Cetinkaya
Recent Late Antiquity Researches in Turkey
With the Scope of Bithynia

Ivan Valchev
The Destruction of Pagan Sanctuaries in Tlnace and Dacia
(According to Data from the Territory of Present-Day Bulgaria)

Dimitar Iliev
Christianity and Paganism in The Epigrams
of Palladas of Alexandria

Svet Riboloff
"Wisdom Of God" in The Antiochian Theology
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